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Meet our MENtor

Chris Pelser


Chris Pelser- MENtor

Chris Pelser, born 34 years, ago, in Bloemfontein, Free State. After exploring and living in other small towns in South Africa, I now know, there is no place like Bloemfontein, I truly love the town and the people in it. I also believe that if Bloemfontein change, for the better, it will impact South Africa.


Since varsity years I have been involved in outdoor activities; such as rock climbing, abseiling, paintball, hiking and also camping. I also got involved with hosting of Christian youth camps, where we got to share and teach the above mentioned activities to children. We found that adventure based 'gospel teaching' were fun and effective. I was sold on the concept and loved camping, yes, I still do.


With this background, knowing the impact that an weekend camp can make in a child's life and the fact that I realized the role of a father in children's lives, finding TCC and what they stand for, just made sense. 


Every boy needs a mentor, and I will start in Bloemfontein.

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