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We need your help to form a protective band around our country to show our woman, children and other men that we care. We are not going to stand for what is happening in our country at the moment. Become part of this amazing campaign to and help us to put more MENtors in key communities in our country to help raise boys to be good men.

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By signing up you become part of a group of individuals that take action doing something to make a change. 


The Character Company already have MENtors in place doing amazing work with young boys in our country. The need for positive male role-models and MENtors throughout our country is huge. Your time and/or resources will make this task so much more effective by placing more MENtors in key communities in our country.


We can no longer ignore what is happening in our country. We need strong individuals who are willing to stand up and stand strong together and make a difference where it is most needed - the young children. This means that we will need to give our time and/or our recources. Bthat1 and help us by committing to donate only R72pm so that we can get more MENtors into key communities. Help us in raising boys to be good men. Sign up today.

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In 2019 Morné Basson ran 72 half-marathons in 72 consecutive days on a treadmill at various Planet Fitness Clubs across South Africa to raise awareness for people suffering from Motor Neuron Disease. That set a new Guinness World Record. He now takes hands with The Character Company in yet another crazy initiative. Join him and become a #Bthat1 Champion. 

Watch out for the upcoming #72days project - another crazy initiative by Morné Basson AKA "The Treadmill Guy" in support of the #Bthat1 campaign. Follow him on social media.

Morné Basson

Founder of the #Bthat1 campaign