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Meet our Eastern Cape Regional Mentor:

Kevin Mortimer


Meet our MENtors team:

Farai Nyamavuvu

Tawanda Mangwiro

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Kevin Mortimer - Regional Character & MENtor

Kevin is 48 years old and has been married to Natalie for 20 years. They have three children; Samuel, Sasha and Benjamin. He is a database developer and his hobbies are bird watching, tennis and other outdoor activities.


Kevin achieved his Springbok scout award, and was a commercial diver for a season. He lived in London for 15 years where he met his wife. After the first 2 kids were born they decided to return to SA to be closer to family and be a part of the solution to making our country a better place.

Kevin has always been passionate about helping kids to grow, discover their gifts and abilities and develop into the adults they were created to be. He ran a scout group for a couple of years but it wasn't a perfect fit.  When he discovered the Character Company he knew he had found "his place".

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Farai Nyamavuvu - MENtor

I grew up in a loving family in a small rural village in the Eastern province of Zimbabwe. I studied to be a teacher following in the footsteps of my father and have been a teacher for over twenty years now. My mother played an important role in nurturing me to be a God fearing and principled man. I moved to South Africa in 2007 and I have taught at a couple of schools in the Eastern Cape province. I am passionate about my job and bond really well with my learners.


I am married with two kids. I believe education and following the principles of God can help break down social ills like broken homes and women abuse and empower our boys to grow into responsible citizens, fathers and husbands. Being a part of the character company has given me an opportunity to do my part in standing in the gap and contribute in raising boys with absent fathers to be good men.

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 Tawanda Mangwiro- MENtor

Tawanda, also known as Sylvester Mangwiro was born  on the 7th of July 1984 in Mutare, Zimbabwe. He is a God fearing person who grew up in a God fearing home, and thanks to his mother and grandmother who instilled that in him. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Hons in Humanities  (2009) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (2018). He is currently working at African Angels school in the Eastern Cape Province as an Educator. 


He is a  very passionate and caring person who believes that every child needs a loving and stable relationship. He also believes in finding purpose within the children that comes across and try and make them believe that they carry the greatest potential if they commit to what they believe in. Having grown up from a maternal family, Tawanda was also taught to love and respect other people through the help of his uncle who also played a big part of his upbringing. He believes that his life experiences and the work experience that he currently hold will help in the uplifting and improving the lives of the boys that he will be grooming to become better men and  citizens of this country

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