Like many South African women, Gogo Nozizwe raised her grandson, Akhona, and his siblings in Nyanga, Western Cape. To honour her and all the women raising the next generation of South African men, Gillette launched this film in celebration of Women’s Day. We’re now inviting all South Africans to join us in helping shape boys into men.


You can help to groom the next generation of men to be the best that they can be.

#GogoNozizwe #GilletteWomensDay #TheBestMenCanBe.

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We help to raise boys from all walks

of life to be good men with strong

values, positively impacting families,

communities and society.

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The lifeblood of our organisation is

our MENtors.

Join this team of dedicated men

who volunteer each week, working

with us to navigate the impact of

absent fathers on our society.

We support the single moms

whose sons are participating in our

MENtorship programme.

Our Moms group is a diverse

group of amazing women from all

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