Meet our MENtors team:

Thando Malepe

Laurie Morkel

Thembinkosi Ngema

Siphumuze Gama

Danie Pretorius


Thando Malepe -  MENtor

Thando has a B.Com degree in Accounting, but a heart for community development. He is determined to change his community for the better, whether it’s running a small children’s ministry every Saturday or the proactive work he does organizing wheelchairs for those in need in his community.


He is an active member of Network of Caring and is working to procure more community members. He has a quiet demeanour and compassionate heart. He is enthusiastic and always helpful, willing to be accountable and takes instruction or guidance with an open heart. Thando is our MENtor Intake Coordinator and an active MENtor in the Johannesburg North Region.


Laurie Morkel -  MENtor

Laurie has been in the corporate environment for 40 years and MENtoring younger colleagues have been his forte. He is enthusiastic, energetic and a realistic-optimistic person. He is even-tempered, predictable and keeps his promises and commitments to people. He has a faith-bases worldview and highly respects and loves people of all ages and walks of life. He is a team-player and will constantly share all positive life-experiences with the younger generation.


Thembinkosi Ngema -  MENtor

I have a life experience of 54 years and I have four Children 2 boys and 2 girls.

I have a passion of MENtoring and I’m currently running a MENtoring program for older men equipping them to MENtor young men using the model that was used by Jesus Christ. I am also passionate about taking care of vulnerable and orphaned children which I have been doing since 1998. I am a Deacon in our congregation responsible for Benevolence Program.

I am a Police Officer and have served for the past 32.I am a man of intergrity, honest and forward looking. I like to always expand my knowledge. I am currently doing a course as a Neuro Lunguistic Practitioner / Transformational / Life Coach.
I believe my life experience will help me as I venture into a new territory of MENtoring young Men and building their character. 

My motor in life is by Ray Crok:- “As long as you're green, you're growing. As soon as you're ripe, you start to rot.”


Siphumuze Gama -  MENtor

Siphumuze is very passionate about young people and the great exciting potential they have in them. He is a firm believer that young people must focus on bringing out what is inside of them to realize their great potential.

Believing that the inside should influence the outside and not the other way around. MENtoring is an important part of countering the life challenges have on youth realizing their dreams and helps sharpen their God given talents and potential.


Danie Pretorius -  MENtor

Danie is working in the corporate IT environment with post graduate qualifications in the IT and Business fields. He loves nature and his happy place is in the bush around a fire enjoying all aspects of nature. His professional hobby is in the video production world where he is involved in filming and video editing events especially multicamera music concerts and shows.

He has a strong moral character, he treats others with courtesy and respect. He communicates easily and effectively and establishes a definite rapport with people around him. He is an outstanding leader in his church’s youth-ministry that moves every person forward he interacts with. He focuses strongly on using positive aspects and talent in any individual’s life to motivate and encourage them, especially the younger generation.


Mentoring-by-example is one of his strong beliefs.  His life testifies of great commitment and endurance. His dedication and enthusiasm are well recognised.  Honesty, commitment, respect and humbleness form the moral building blocks of his life. His motivation and discipline contribute to his success in life.


Gauteng: Johannesburg & Pretoria

Western Cape: Cape Town

Eastern Cape: East London 

Free State: Bloemfontein 

Kwa Zulu-Natal: Grey Town

Mpumalanga: Hluvukani

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