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Your Gift Funds MENtorship Sessions For Boys!

4 out of 5 boys do not have a positive male role model. We're on a mission to change that and give every boy who grows up fatherless a MENtor! You can join us! No matter how much you give, every rand funds Mentorship sessions.

Our Goal

To help raise boys to be good men with strong values, positively impacting families, communities, and society, via a long-term MENtorship program.

Our Impact To Date

Boys MENtored


Number of boys that we have MENtored

MENtor Sessions


Number of MENtor Sessions



Number of Active MENtors



Number of Camps done.

Give With Confidence

At The Character Company (TCC), you can give with confidence. We are a registered Non-Profit Organization (NPO 125-574) and Public Benefit Organization (PBO 930051236), ensuring full compliance with legal and ethical standards. Our financial statements are audited annually by an independent auditor, guaranteeing transparency and accountability. With a strong and experienced board of directors overseeing our operations and the trust of major companies who have supported us with their donations, your contributions are in safe and reliable hands.

Together, We Lead the Fight Against The Negative Effects Of Fatherlessness and Boys Growing up Without a MENtor

Here is how you can take action today:

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Join The Oak Forest

The Oak Forest is a passionate community of 1,500+ loyal supporters who lead the fight against fatherlessness and boys growing up without a MENtor in their life.

A R300 monthly gift provides MENtorship for a new boy every year.


for MENtorship

Create a Campaign and Help Raise Money for MENtorship Projects


Sponsor A MENtorship Project

Sponsoring a MENtorship project, such as a minibus for transport, upgraded camping facilities, etc.


We Are Finalising Our Projects.  Check Back Later How You can Get Involved. 

Stay Updated With Stories From Our Team

Shaping Futures: The Character Company's Mentorship Revolution

🌟 Uncover a journey of resilience, hope, and transformation.  Growing up without a father's presence can cast a long shadow, leaving a void that's hard to fill. In this heartwarming video, witness a story of triumph over adversity as one man's vision ignites a movement that's changing young lives for the better.

Better Men - Transforming Lives Through Kindness and Courage

In this profoundly touching video, witness the power of kindness, courage, and mentorship as a group of dedicated individuals strives to make a difference in the lives of young boys.

Year-end camp

A look back at a recent year-end camp and the excitement and enjoyment the boys who attended had.

This is one of the biggest highlights on the calendar of each boy and spots are reserved well in advance.

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