The Character Company offers support to the single moms whose sons are participating in our MENtorship program. Our Moms are a diverse group of women from all walks of life and we think they are pretty amazing!

We have seen several moms who are vulnerable and have very little or no support system in place.  While they are being the best mom’s they can be, many moms usually have to fulfil a number of roles, leaving little time or energy to take care of themselves and their own needs. Our social worker regularly checks in with our moms, and when needed addresses a number of important issues ranging from depression, grief and loss, behavioural and learning problems, to good parenting practices and techniques for coping as a single mom.


Our combined get togethers and family picnics, provides our moms with the opportunity to socialise, share their experiences and vent some of their frustrations in a safe and supportive environment. These also provide the opportunity for the learning of practical and applicable life skills.


Our social worker is responsible for the intake of new moms and boys into our program.  A number of discussions are held with the moms in order to get a detailed background of the family and insights into what the current behavioural issues are.  We focus throughout the program on protecting the various role players (Moms and MENtors) and beneficiaries (boys on our program) and continually monitor and evaluate those participating in our programs.

Support a mom by sponsoring her son by making a donation using the reference #Boy

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