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You Can Do Anything To Raise Funds For MENtorship Sessions

Ready to spice up your life while making a difference? Picture this: hosting a charity bake-off where the sweet smell of success raises dough for mentorship sessions, or organizing a karaoke night where hitting high notes means hitting high funds! Let's not forget the classic lemonade stand—upgrade it with a twist, like unicorn lemonade or avocado toast lemonade (trust us, it's a thing!). Get your community buzzing with excitement by challenging them to wacky fundraisers, from pajama parties to pet costume contests. With creativity as your secret ingredient, you'll be serving up smiles and support in no time! All the funds that you raise will go directly in sponsoring MENtorship sessions. 







Why Fundraise?

No boy should grow up without a MENtor. And yet, 4 out of 5 boys do.  But it doesn’t need to be this way. The negative effects caused by the fatherlessness crisis is a problem we know how to solve. And we will if we work together. As a fundraiser, you'll inspire your community to join you in your mission to connect as many boys as possible to MENtors. Along with increasing awareness and empowering those around you to take action, all the funds that you raise will be used to get a boy the MENtor they deserve.

Give To An Active Fundraiser

Not ready to start your own fundraiser?  That is OK, you can support our active fundraisers below.



A group of riders is taking on the 947-cycle challenge on 17 November 2024 to raise funds for The Character Company.  Their goal is an ambitious R100,00.  You can help them get there.  Click here to Give Today

Register Your Fundraiser

Register Your Fundraiser

We use Back-a-Buddy to manage all our fundraising campaigns.  You will register your campaign on their site.  It only takes a few minutes to get started.

  • Register a profile

  • Choose a name

  • Load a photo

  • Tell people what your campaign is about.

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Tell Everyone

Dive into social media with shameless self-promotion and cat memes. Take it to the streets in a chicken suit, waving your donation link. Offer friends snacks for sharing your campaign. Tell everyone—your friends, family, coworkers, and that guy who always double-taps your Insta pics of avocado toast. Get the word out, and watch those donations roll in faster than you can say "chicken dance!"

Financial Report

See Your Impact

All the money you raise will directly fund mentorship projects. We’ll report back to you — and everyone who supported you! — about where your money went and the communities you’ve helped.

Previous Fundraisers

We have some crazy fundraisers who has done all sorts of weird and wacky stuff.

Now it is YOUR time, what will you do?


100km For Character

Boys, Mothers, MENtors, and Supporters got together on a Saturday and rode each 100km on a gym bike.  They raised more than R150,000 that funded camps and camp equipment.

Marathon Runner

Two Oceans Marathon

A group of runners decided to run the Two Oceans Marathon for The Character Company and raised more than R80,000 that was used to sponsor mentorship sessions.


Swimming in a dam

Swapping their usual hangout spot for the open waters of the dam, they dove headfirst into raising funds for a great cause.

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