Mnandi 5 Values Blend

At the Character Company we take our coffee very seriously and believe that life is too short to drink bad coffee.  We also camp with 5 year old's on a regular basis so coffee is an essential ingredient for surviving that.  So in order to help sponsor camps for the boys we serve we launched our own coffee brand in partnership with BRU Coffee in 2017.  All the proceeds goes directly to our camp program so every time you enjoy a cup of Mnandi ("lekker" in Zulu) you are also helping a boy to get a regular positive male role model in his life.  And just like that coffee makes the world a better place again.

Mnandi roast is a combination of 2 African and 3 South American beans, representing our 5 values.  It has a combination of rich flavours, excellent aroma and full body (normally in dark espresso). Our Mnandi blend is suitable for all brewing techniques, from espresso to French press/plunger. Mnandi starts off with a slightly sweet full bodied flavor, with hints of chocolate, nuts and caramel, leaving a full aftertaste in the mouth which has a pleasant bitterness.

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