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Mnandi 5 Values Blend

At the Character Company we take our coffee seriously and we believe that life is too short to drink bad coffee. Raising boys to be good men takes a lot of different things, coffee being one of them.


All the profits of our Mnandi Roast Coffee goes directly towards supporting the work of the Character Company and every 3kg sold sponsors a boy for a camp.


Unfortunately, as we have seen everywhere, prices are increasing and the price of coffee beans are one of them.  Due to this and the increase in the transport cost of the beans we will have a price increase on the 1 July 2022. 


This is why the time is now to order your coffee at our current price of only R230 (incl VAT) for a 1kg bag or R74.75 (incl VAT) for a 250g bag.  This can be either grounded coffee or beans coffee.


From the 1 July these prices will be R275 (1kg) and R90 (250g).


Save on courier charges and only pay R120 courier fees per 4kg ordered.

Thank you for your support and remember to share Mnandi with your friends, work colleagues and family.


Yours in Coffee

The Character Company

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