"Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"

Isaiah 6:8 

The stark reality is that our neglect of the South African “boy child” has led to a crisis in our country.  We have created a culture of anxiety and anger in our youth and we need to replace that with a culture of MENtorship.  Our boys cannot be expected to walk life’s road without role models and then blame them when they lose their way.  We need to talk less and do more.  We invite you to join the Character Company team and see what an important role you can play in raising boys to be good men.

Introduction to Seed




Familiarise yourself with who we are and what we stand for by checking out the rest of our website and our facebook page.  The Character Company (TCC)   is a registered Non Profit and Public Benefit Organisation with a formal board of directors.  


To become a TCC MENtor you must be: 

  1. prepared to share our value system which is founded on Christian principles

  2. a positive male role model in good standing in your home, work place and general community

  3. prepared to make a commitMENt to MENtor a group of boys once a week for at least a year


The minimum requirements for MENtorship are:

  1. a 3-hour MENtoring session once a week with no more than 5 boys allocated to you as a MENtor (weekday or weekend)

  2. assist with a minimum of 2 camps a year

  3. assist with a minimum of 2 Saturday events a year

  4. prepare for your group session before meeting with the boys

  5. to complete weekly register and feedback questionnaire

  6. to be prepared to be MENtored.

Training of our MENtors;
All TCC MENtors will receive “on the job” training and will not be left alone to figure this out for themselves. Our MENtors MANual (curriculum) will be made available once you become an “MENtor” to give you guidance on the monthly themes and weekly topics.


If you have any questions at this point you are welcome to contact Thando Malepe on thando.ch@racter.co.za or 010 590 3102. 


Should you feel that this is not what you had in mind, please remember that you can still make a difference and if you cannot be a MENtor, how about helping us to put a MENtor in a community by getting involved.

What can YOU do to help us raise boys to be good men... you can get involved by donating money, time, skills and/or goods which will enable us to continue with our current program and expand into new regions.




If you are happy to proceed, you must now register and capture your contact details on our secure database as a “seed” by following this link - https://roots.thecharactercompany.co.za/register.  At this point you have not made any commitment yet but you are on your way to become a Mentor to some boys that are growing up without positive male role models in their lives.  We would like to ask that you pray and prepare yourself for the next steps. We often forget that when we step out in faith, we paint a big target on ourselves so expect some challenges as you make this commitment. Share this decision with your family and your support group and ask them to pray with you about this. Now is the time to put on that armour!


Once you have registered you will be contacted by our intake coordinator to arrange for you to visit one of our current MENtorship groups so that you can see what we do and how we do it.  This is your time to experience the joy of changing lives and to ask any questions you might have. Our current MENtors will be happy to answer your question.

Our policy is to try and get back to you within 24hours of your enquiry, but we are often out of the office raising boys to be good men. You are welcome to send us an email or  WhatsApp message as a reminder. 



Once you have completed that group visit and you are happy to proceed your status will be changed from “seed” to “oak”.  At that point you will then have to visit another 4 groups as part of your training and submit your compliance documents as part of the intake process.  

It is important that before you take that step you are 100% sure that you are ready to make this commitMENt - you might find that you are not ready yet and that is also ok - there are many other ways that you can get involved and we can discuss this in more detail but our biggest need remains committed men to step into the gap for our male youth - helping to raise them to be good men - so we hope and pray that you are ready to take that step. These boys are already struggling and hurting because their fathers and other positive male role models have walked out of their lives, please help us to break that cycle.


Documents required from our MENtors;

All TCC MENtors are properly screened and vetted and you will be required to submit various documents including a certified copy of ID or passport and the MENtors Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed. A police clearance, character reference and check against the children’s register with the Department of Social Development will also be required. All of this is done on our “roots database”, a safe and secure custom-made platform for TCC where all information of all our moms, boys and MENtors is kept and verified. 

Introduction to Oak