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The Character Company Is A Non-Profit Organisation That Raises Boys To Be Good Men Through Long Term MENtorship. (1).jpg

Together We Can End The Negative Effects Caused By Fatherlessness and Boys Growing Up Without A MENtor.

Since The Character Company was founded in 2013, we’ve been chasing one ambitious goal - Ending the negative effects caused by fatherlessness. And while the crisis is huge, we are optimistic. We know how to solve the problem and make progress with every boy we MENtor, thanks to the help of generous supporters. If we work together, we believe every boy will have access to a MENtor, maybe even in our lifetime.

Our Impact To Date

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Number of boys that we have MENtored

MENtor Sessions


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How We Work

We want you to know exactly how and where your donation is being used.


Our target group is boys between the ages of 5 - 12 years old as an intake age, that are not living with their biological father and do not have a positive male role model in their lives.


We focus on long-term mentoring and relationship-building to achieve our goals, instilling 5 specific values: courage, kindness, self-discipline, honesty, and respect.


We use volunteer MENtors and allocate 5 boys to him.  This group meets weekly for an activities-based mentorship session.


We camp twice a month with a specific age group and a specific value as the camp's theme.


We Equip MENtors with the necessary tools and training, like a self-developed curriculum that they use in each MENtorship session.

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We provide support structures for our MENtors, the moms, and the boys in our program.

Ready To Give The Gift of MENtoship

Every R300 monthly donation will connect a boy to a MENtor.

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