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Give A Boy A MENtor in 2024

Four out of five boys lack a positive male role model, contributing to a rise in gender-based violence and a lack of self-love that hinders their ability to respect and value women. Without these role models, boys miss crucial lessons on perseverance, equality, and self-worth. The scarcity of men teaching boys to pursue their dreams, value diversity, and express vulnerability is linked to increasing suicide rates among men and teenagers. We urgently need men to step up, demonstrate true strength through vulnerability, and guide boys toward a healthier, more respectful adulthood.

But it doesn't have to be this way.  You can help provide Positive Male Modeling, Guidance, Self-Worth, Mental Health Support, and Emotional Development. A gift of just R300 a month is enough to bring a MENtor into a boy's life.

Join The Oak Forest, our monthly giving community and you’ll bring mentorship to boys every month.  A Forest of Oaks emphasizes the resilience of Oak Trees, a picture that shows we are fighting together against the negative impacts of fatherlessness.   

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Join The Community That Is Serving 264 Boys and 74 MENtors every month

When you give to The Character Company, your donation directly funds MENtorship sessions for boys who do to have a positive male role model in their lives. We won’t stop until everyone, everywhere has access to a MENtor. But we need our monthly giving community, The Oaks.

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Transformative Impact on Boys' Lives: Your donation helps provide positive male role models and mentorship, fostering their development into respectful, ambitious, and emotionally intelligent men.

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Community Strengthening: By supporting mentorship programs, you build a stronger, safer community with lower rates of gender-based violence and higher levels of mutual respect and equality.

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Promoting Mental Health: Donations enable initiatives that teach boys the importance of emotional vulnerability and mental health, reducing the incidence of mental health issues and suicide among young men.

MENtorship changes everything

Four out of five boys grow up without a positive male role model, leading to increased gender-based violence and a damaging lack of self-respect that affects their ability to value women. Without these vital mentors, boys miss out on essential lessons in perseverance, equality, and self-worth. This absence is linked to rising suicide rates among men and teenagers, highlighting the urgent need for men to show true strength through vulnerability and guide boys toward a healthier, more respectful adulthood.

But we can change this narrative. Your support can provide Positive Male Modeling, Guidance, Self-Worth, Mental Health Support, and Emotional Development. With just R300 a month, you can introduce a MENtor into a boy's life.

Join The Oak Forest, our monthly giving community, and ensure that boys receive consistent mentorship. Like resilient oak trees, we stand together against the negative impacts of fatherlessness. Become part of our community and make a lasting difference in these boys' lives.  That is the power of your generosity.

Meet The Community That Is Changing Lives

The Oak Forest comprises generous, passionate, and determined individuals—like you—from different backgrounds. Our community members have transformed countless lives by providing boys with positive male role models, guidance, and support. Join the fight against the negative effects of fatherlessness and help change many more lives.

You're going to fit right in.

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"Supporting The Character Company has been one of the most rewarding decisions I've ever made. Knowing that my monthly donation helps provide mentorship to boys who lack positive male role models fills me with hope. I believe in the power of guidance and the impact it can have on a young boy's life. It's incredible to see the transformation and growth in these boys, and I'm proud to be a part of it."


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"I've always believed that strong communities are built by nurturing the next generation. Donating to The Character Company allows me to contribute to something truly meaningful. Seeing boys develop self-worth, respect, and emotional resilience through the mentorship programs is inspiring. I donate because I want to help create a future where every boy has the opportunity to become a respectful and compassionate man."


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"As a father, I understand the importance of having a positive role model. The Character Company's mission resonated deeply with me, and I knew I had to get involved. My monthly donation ensures that boys who might otherwise be lost have the chance to learn, grow, and thrive. It's an investment in their futures and in the well-being of our society. I'm honored to support such a transformative cause."


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