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Meet our JHB South Regional Mentor:

Gavin Meyers

Meet our MENtors team:

Kabelo Malotle

Craig Morris

Anton Rohrmoser

Prominent Ncube

Sean Krige

Reanne van der Merwe

Markus Fourie


Gavin Meyers - Regional Character & MENtor

Grew up in Heidelberg, Gauteng. Matriculated from Sedaven High School in 1987, started my working life in the retail industry and eventually entered the financial arena where I progressed from administrative work to Procedures and Policies, Training and System development and support.

From a young age I always knew that I would serve God and eventually left the secular world and was ordained as a Pastor. My greatest desire is to see the next generation go beyond where we are today and feel that it is of vital importance for us to make sure that their starting point is at a higher level that will enabling them to surpass us and excel early on in their lives.


It is through working with organisation like The Character Company that we will see a change in our country through the lives of honest, humble and amazing men.


Kabelo Malotle - MENtor

I was born and raised in the township called Katlehong in the east of Johannesburg and I am currently staying  at home with my mother and nephew. I currently work as a call centre agent and I'm very passionate about helping others to the best of my ability.


I love listening to music especially house music, playing soccer, logo design and going to gym to train. I aspire to make a difference in my township even the world and wish to inspire others to do the same.


Craig Morris - MENtor

I was born and raised in Johannesburg by my mum until the age of six and then placed in St Georges home for boys. I have many found memories of growing up at St Georges and I recall all the Mentors who had been that father, brother and friend who made a positive impact in my life.

I am passionate about Jesus, family and friends and I enjoy serving the community. I recently joined the Character Company and believe in the Character Company’s Goals - that a positive long-term relationship model is what is required to make a positive impact within our communities and country.


I am committed to serve by Mentoring boys in becoming a positive influence in their communities and within society at large.


Anton Rohrmoser - MENtor

Anton Rohrmoser was born in Johannesburg but completed high school in Queenstown at Queens College boarding school. He qualified as a welding fabrication inspector and was at work in the engineering field at the time of his father’s death, Anton was 24 at the time. 

This brought on a career change for him as he then got involved in his dad’s business and eventually took that over. And although some significant changes have been made over the years in essence it is still going strong over 20 years later. 

He has 2 sons and has had the privilege of mentoring them himself and when heard of “The Character Company” he felt the need of so many young boys who do not have a father in their lives. Also losing his own dad has made this need resonate with him. 

He would love to make a difference in their lives, and change the future one boy at a time!


Prominent Ncube - MENtor

My name is Prominent Mininimuzi (Heir), the name I was given by my late grandfather, Ncube. I am 26 years old. I work as a Bible teacher at Revival City college. I started teaching at the age of 22. I am studying a BA in Psychology and I finishing my degree this year.


My dream is to continue with studies and I would love to grow with the boys that I am mentoring. I want to see them succeed in all the areas of life and I would love to see them becoming greater, respectable and honourable men in their communities. 


Sean Krige - MENtor

Sean loves jelly, kids and dogs (in no particular order). His battleground is discipleship, entrepreneurship, social justice and education. He has started, run, stopped, and closed businesses, and been a mentor to many others who have done the same. He has made some bad mistakes in all areas of life, but found the grace to overcome, and tries to help others do the same. Sean remains a strategist and visionary at heart, but is sure to add 3 ingredients to every 'recipe' he's a part of - that of faith, hope and love. 


In his capacity as TCC mentor, he can think of no greater joy or privilege, than being a mentor and father figure to those who don't have.


Reanne van der Merwe - MENtor

I am Reanne van der Merwe (Uncle Reanne), a Chartered Accounted that is nearing the half century milestone! I have been in finance all my life, specifically in property. I am currently the CFO for a property development company in the Johannesburg CBD, where we are looking to uplift and empower the community and country as a whole.

i am married to the lovely Sonja for more than 2 years. Although Sonja has 2 wonderful kids, I do not have children of my own. But I have so much to offer. Thus, I became a MENtor. The boys of this country need guidance, positive role models and love. 

Born and bred in Pretoria. I have been in Johannesburg for more than 10 years, and this is now home! Although Sonja would love to move to Durban…….
The Character Company is a wonderful organisation, and I am very proud to be part of them.


Markus Fourie - MENtor

Completed his schooling in 2001 and got his first job straight out of school as a canvasser for sales house now known as EDCON. He also worked as a call centre agent for a number of blue chips  companies, the municipality, property  and a political organisation of which he was fortunate to have become a research officer within the organisation. Over the years he has been a very active community leader, project administrator and manager for numerous organisations.


He possess quite a number of skills within trades such as administration, carpentry, PC repairs, occupational health and safety, construction and the multimedia industries.He has served as a child safety ambassador under institutions like the department of social development and FIFA. His love for children has always been the driving force in his life and as a proud father of two kids  and a husband.He can assure that every child will not only get a mentor that's on point with the program but one whose aim is always 200% and his willing to settle for 100%.


Marcus is  a God fearing Christian and full serving member of the Anglican church in which he is also one of the congregants who is always willing to avail his time and be of service. He does believe in the verse that says "we should seek the kingdom of God first and all else shall be added unto us", just as HE has done by blessing us with a program so great that it even makes him as stronger as a FATHER.