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We should never underestimate the powerful influence of a father or positive male role model in a boy’s life. The void left by an absent father is often filled with anger, bitterness, guilt and a host of insecurities. MENtorship fills the gap and has a positive impact on a boy’s life. MENtoring is a relational process where a MENtor takes personal interest in a mentee seeing that he develops the knowledge and skills needed to ‘succeed in life’ or in our case ‘become a better man’. At TCC our MENtors are committed to long-term MENtorship. What that means is that we are offering to be part of a boy’s life for as long as he needs us. While seeing a boy once or twice a week may not seem like a huge impact, MENtors are creating positive change in the lives of the boys. They become someone who the boys can look up to and trust.


To guide us in our MENtorship we focus on 5 values – courage, kindness, honesty, respect and self-discipline, and make use of our very own curriculum / guideline document where we have identified the areas in which we want the boys to develop. Every month has a theme with weekly talk topics. It also includes activities that a MENtor can do with his boys. By introducing the boys to new experiences and sharing positive values, MENtors help the boys to avoid negative behaviour and instead be the best that they can be.


From play in the park to a quick game of kiddie golf, our boys spend time with their Mentors every single week.


Many of the boys starting with TCC can’t ride a bike. So we make sure our boys learn to ride with regular visits to the PwC Bike Park.


One of our key values is self-discipline and our program will create opportunities for our boys to express self-discipline through physical activities. 


Learning to challenge yourself and understand the limits of your capabilities is part of being a boy. We believe rock climbing challenges our boys to add and build new skills. 


We will be working on extending our program in the Mother City and we are so excited to meet future MENtors and acorns.


Gauteng: Johannesburg & Pretoria

Western Cape: Cape Town

Eastern Cape: East London 

Free State: Bloemfontein 

Kwa Zulu-Natal: Grey Town

Mpumalanga: Hluvukani

Contact us if you want to start a program in your area.

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