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Meet our Hazyview Regional Mentor:

Patrick Ndhlovu

Meet our Thulamahashe Regional Mentor:

Mandla Mbowane

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Pastor Patrick Ndhlovu was born and bred in a small township of Mkhuhlu outside of Hazyview in the Mpumalanga Province, on the 05th of May 1979. He attended his primary and secondary education at his community primary and high schools, respectively. He completed his bachelor’s in ministry with Christian Family Church International Bible College and he obtained other managerial and customer excellence certificates with various higher institutions of learning.


He worked for the Gauteng Department of Education for a duration of 11 years as an office administrator and moved to Sagwadi Hotel as operations manager. He is a co-Pastor at The Rock of Life Christian Tabernacle in his community of Mkhuhlu, his key responsibilities are counselling, church administration and evangelism. And he is also a founder and the Managing Director of Tinyeleti Security Services.

He is a husband and a father and blessed with three daughters.


He carries himself in a dignified and principled manner in his dealings with men in all spheres of life. Here are some of his personal quality traits; assertive and competitive, Likes challenge in life and good time management, go-getter who is eager to learn and likes punctuality, people’s person who don’t mind to work under pressure & enjoys team work, hands on sleeves person who likes sharing of information. He is currently serving as a mentor and a Regional Character for The Character Company, Raising boys into good men.

Patrick Ndhlovu - Regional Character & MENtor

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Mandla Mbowane - Regional Character & MENtor

Mandla Mbowane was born in Violetbank and shortly he and his family moved to Thulamahashe where he is currently residing with his family. In 1995, Mandla was baptised and the following he received his sanctification and delivered his first sermon at Thulamahashe COTN. He attended his high school at Orhovelani secondary where he matriculated in 1999. After that, he received God’s call into ministry and in the year 2006, he responded to his calling and went full-time ministry by going to NTC which he completed and started Pastoring in 2008. He was the District ANP rep and served on District Evangelism Board as a Treasurer between 2009 to 2013.

He graduated in Theology, and since then he did a lot of ministry work from being a rep on the NMI council youth mission, being appointed as SDMI Delegate to the General assembly of USA to being a District Ministerial Credential Board Member. He is also a qualified Facilitator and worked at NTC as a facilitator.

In the year 2010 Mandla married his beautiful wife Linah Mbowane and they were blessed with a handsome son Matimba in 2012.


They also adopted a beautiful daughter Nokuthula and again they were blessed with another beautiful daughter Dzunisa in 2016. In 2020 he and his wife were blessed with another son Nhlulo.

He is excited to make a difference in his community of Thulamahashe through the ministry work that he does at church and through the MENtorship for The Character Company in partnership with Akhona Foundation.

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