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Jaco van Schalkwyk

Redmond Louw

Thando Malepe


Jaco van Schalkwyk - Dad, Founder, Director & CEO

After starting his career in the financial and then corporate fields, Jaco moved into the NGO sector in 2001. Jaco spent the majority of that time managing a non profit in JHB where he experienced the impact of absent fathers on a daily basis. Despite the invaluable experience he picked up in hands-on involvement with communities and the NGO sector in general, his passion for the fatherless just grew stronger and stronger. 

Jaco is the Dad and Founder of the Character Company and believes that only through intentional MENtorship and establishing a culture of MENtorship in South Africa will we be able to change the current culture of violence, corruption and abuse.

Jaco is married to his amazing wife Loraine and the proud dad of 3 daughters.   He is passionate about Jesus and MENtorship.

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Redmond Louw - Business Development Consultant 

Redmond is from Johannesburg South, where I've spent my entire life. In 2015, he was baptized and reborn, and hasn't looked back on my previous life since. He is deeply committed to our God and to serving others.


He worked in the telecommunications (ICT) industry for over ten years in a variety of capacities, including general work, middle management, and senior management. Recently, he left the corporate world to take a full-time position with the Character Company as a business development consultant.


He married my wife Daniella in 2018 and it’s the best decision he's ever made. They have two beautiful boys aged twelve and two. He loves spending time with his family, working out and doing anything that relates to the outdoors.

It was a simple decision for him to join the character company. This company represents values and principles that he admires. He believes there is a calling on his life to disciple young boys into men and to be a role model for them. He wants to be a role model for the next generation, inspiring, motivating, and encouraging them.


Thando Malepe - MENtorship Manager

Thando has a B.Com degree in Accounting, but a heart for community development. He is determined to change his community for the better, whether it’s running a small children’s ministry every Saturday or the proactive work he does organizing wheelchairs for those in need in his community.


He is an active member of Network of Caring and is working to procure more community members. He has a quiet demeanour and compassionate heart. He is enthusiastic and always helpful, willing to be accountable and takes instruction or guidance with an open heart. Thando is our MENtor Intake Coordinator and an active MENtor in the Johannesburg North Region.

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