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Events with The Character Company

Events provide us with opportunities to enjoy different interactions with the boys, away from our regular weekly activities. These activities are "different" and designed to enhance and enrich the MENtorship experience. We also use the various events to get the different MENtorship groups to interact and meet - this allows for new friendships to be formed.


We appreciate the supportive role that the bigger family unit plays in the boy’s life and we realize that there are often sisters, who are also growing up without a father. For that reason we have specific family events where we focus on the family as a whole. At our family picnics moms and siblings get the opportunity to meet and spend time with the team as well as with other families. We often get the boys to “serve” their moms and sisters at these events to teach them the value of a servant heart.


At least once a quarter we arrange an outing where all our boy groups get the opportunity to meet and have some fun.

Safety rules first
Up, up and away
What great climbers
Like Spiderman
Ready, steady BOUNCE!
A way to go...
Hang in there...
You can do it!

2017’s Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge, was EPIC! And our first ever boy's team  did incredibly well. 

TCC Mentors
Taking a break
Equipment challenges
TCC Team
Water station
Training days
Open road
Happy riders
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