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The World Needs a Father

Helping fathers provide proper leadership to their families.


A great organisation that has partnered with us is, The World Needs a Father - a global movement of fathers committed to building unbreakable families and healthy communities. They provide practical parenting tools through, training, resources and mentorship. A global like-minded community intent on bringing heaven home.

Contact them via their website for information. Book your seat at one of their insightful and thought-provoking weekend seminars. 


Lead SA


Lead SA is a personal call to every person to make a difference. It could be as simple as making a stranger smile or as big as fighting to further the rights entrenched in our Constitution. Each act makes a difference. Lead SA tells the stories of people who are making our country a better place.




The forgood platform is one that connects people to causes.

Cross Connect.png

Cross Connect Community Outreach


Cross Connect Community Outreach was started by Pastor Kyle and Nicole Tolman in 2017 after working in ministry and on the mission field for various years. While driving through the streets of Krugersdorp their hearts broke when they saw waves of children wondering in the streets without a purpose while drug dealers and criminals were louring these children into a life of destruction. They knew they needed to do something about this. Cross Connect Community Outreach was born. Cross Connect focuses to partner with local churches, organizations, government, businesses, and individuals to facilitate transformational change in communities by changing children’s lives. We offer various programs for children and youth of all ages to create a healthy alternative to drugs, alcohol, and crime.

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