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A message from one of the Western Cape moms that we got after camp

Good afternoon Uncle Bradley (and all the Mentors/Uncles)

WOW! Where do I began to say THANK YOU!! After the weekend I understand why this organisation is called  “The Character Company”.  My eldest son (14) went on his first character camp this weekend. As a mother it is a joy to see how the character of my boys are being transformed week after week. Coming back from the camp my boy got a much deeper appreciation for the little things in life like a “toilet” and “tomato sauce” (LOL!!) His sense of time management has increased tremendously. Suddenly a cell phone and television are not as important as when they left on Friday. My son has gone away many weekends to family and friends but this Sunday after the camp..... “Mommy, I really miss you this weekend....... Thank you for everything you are doing, I really appreciated it..... Mommy, I love you!!” These words are music to any mothers ears.

So once again.....Thank you!! God had ME (and other mothers like me) in mind when The Character Company was birth.



Hi Fatima, just to give feedback about Othobile. Othobile has never shown feelings especially excitement. On Saturday I went to visit him. For the first time, he jumped on me was hugging me and was telling me about his toy he got for his birthday.  I do know we all have a long way to go. But wanted to convey my appreciation and the best mother's day present.

— Veli Mokalapa , MOM

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