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Calling all HE-ROES and SHE-ROES!

Bonnie Tyler sang it best…we need a hero, we’re holding out for a hero to take their place! And they’ve got to be fit, and they’ve got to be strong and they’ve got to be ready to race!

Ok, we changed the lyrics a little, however the call to action still flashes like a Batman beacon across the Jozi skyline - SHE-ROES & HEROES NEEDED!

The 2017 Telkom Cycle Challenge was a resounding success and our valiant Hero Riders not only completed over 450 kilometers in training, they all went on to participate in Johannesburg’s iconic race – Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge (#CC2017). A number of our Big Brothers also joined the team and completed the full race in under 6 hours. An incredible achievement for our 15 year-old boys.

So to those who rode with us and for us, we look forward to your participation in this fantastic fundraising event and to those who couched out and chose to rather live-stream the race - It’s time to grab life by the handle bars and take on our 2018 Hero Challenge.

The Character Company is asking for your support as we positively impact families, communities and society at large through our long-term, activity-based, 5-values mentorship programme for young boys with absent fathers or positive male role models.

So how does it work…first off you don’t really need a silver winged spandex onesie – just visit the cycle challenge site, register yourself and grab the early bird price of R475. Pay your registration fee directly to the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge.


Then pop off an email to:, with your NAME, SURNAME and ID NUMBER – sorry we can’t accept any alias’ or super hero pseudonyms!

We will send you the I’M A HERO facebook ad for you to share through your networks, or post to your facebook page. Each HERO rider needs to commit to raising a minimum of R2000 on behalf of The Character Company. You are welcome to raise this through a crowdsourcing platform, e.g.

All funds raised must be paid into the TCC bank account on or before 15th November 2018.

Our HERO Riders will all be supplied with a TCC Team T-shirt for race day, however we do have a Cycle Shirt design available for those who wish to order their own shirts. Contact for the design.


The Character Company will have a gazebo set up before the race for riders to collect their t-shirts, and meet the league of HEROES. We will also be hosting the best water & pit stop point on the route for our HERO Riders.

Like us on facebook for regular updates to our Hero Challenge, with information on our training schedules, event plans and of course news on just how we are raising boys to be good men!

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