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Our very own Founder, Dad and MENtor, Jaco van Schalkwyk has been invited to a 10-part talk series hosted on SAfm, hosted on the first Wednesday of every month. The broadcast normally commences at 7:30pm and continues for roughly 30 minutes.

Jaco will be joining show hosts Naledi Moleo and Criselda Dudumashe as they discuss the impact of absentee fathers and/or positive male role models on young boys from all walks of life.

South African society presents a number of challenges for its citizens, from poverty to crime and staggering unemployment – there appears to be no end to the work we must do in order to create a community we can be proud of.

As The Character Company celebrates its 5th year of raising boys to be good men, we are well placed to offer a solution to the challenge of growing up with an absent father and/or positive male role models.

Our team of volunteer MENtors, offer up their time on a weekly basis, working with small groups of boys through an activity-based programme. Our curriculum presents the boys with the opportunity to learn more about their roles as boys of value in their homes, schools and communities.

We feel its important to also advocate for single mothers and the incredible work they do, as well as create a platform for men to talk about how they can define what it means to be a modern man in a world that appears to have a broken moral compass.

So, join us on 104–107 MHz FMand let’s talk about…


Raising a boy as a single mom

Two of our programme mothers attended the interview, we would like to thank Nqabakazi Tetyana and her son Ndalo as well as Jonette Lancaster and her son Derek for sharing their insights on raising boys as a single mom.


Masculinity – what does it mean today

Martin Pelders from Matrix Men and Themba Mzima from Activate Men participated in this important dialogue and provided engaging and thought provoking perspectives.


Values - why do we need them

Jaco van Schalkwyk was joined by two of our Acorns, Troy Thabethe (10) and Derek Lancaster (13) along with Marius Beytell, a TCC Mentor.

Stayed tuned for our future talks!

We would love to hear from you, so please share your ideas or insights, email:

  1. Challenges of single parenting and how to overcome them

  2. Challenges of growing up with an absent father

  3. The role of the bigger community when fathers are absent

  4. Impact of absent fathers

  5. Why men need to me more engaged

  6. How men can be more engaged

  7. Relationships - the challenges when you grew up without the example of how a couple relate to each other.

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