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Infuse your life with action

It’s already the second month of 2017 and the pressures of work, home and school are in full force. It’s so much easy to let our dreams for 2017 fade, or simply forget the hope we once embraced the new year with. Let’s not write ourselves off just yet, 2017 can be a year of action and great achievement.

As we cautiously embrace our grand plans for 2017, determined to have them survive to celebrate Valentine’s Day with us, I challenge the Character Company family to defy old patterns and infuse your lives with action. Here is when my OCD nature helps a bit and with this great secret weapon in my arsenal - I set out to achieve a year of “blogging regularly”. The journey started with looking up what blogging is, then trying to define it in a relevant, accessible and understandable mold that I can work with. The second part of this action requires that I write “regularly” and that had me reaching for a paper bag – for years now I have tried to create a “regular” newsletter, which slipped from bi-weekly, to monthly, to quarterly, to bi-annually… you get the picture. Having said that, I am committed to making 2017 a year of action for myself and for The Character Company.

As a dad and founder of The Character Company I would like to start a journey of “sharing and understanding” with our Character Company family – my hope is that you will not only enjoy but also engage with us online, through comments and contributions whilst also sharing us on your social media platforms. Our aim is to open public dialogue about the impact of absent fathers in the lives of young boys – actively getting the word out!

We have learned a great deal since we started a few years ago and that learning continues daily. Constructive feedback and advice that is based on a foundation of action - your action, is always welcome. We all like to talk, point fingers, judge, criticize and voice our opinions, why don’t we follow that up with life-changing action!

In Luke 10 v2 Jesus stated that “the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few” – it seems nothing has changed much since then. We have an exponential challenge of boys growing up with absent fathers, and with only a handful of MENtors willing to sacrifice their time to be a dad to a broken and hurting young boy desperate for the love and care that we can give so easily, the odds appear stacked against us.

So let‘s band together and make 2017 a year of little talk and lots of action.

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